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Aunty drew a slow hand over the satins of her skirt, slip and two layers of her naughty knickers, running a languid tongue over her crimson lips.

Scenario 1I was chatting to an acquaintance the other day. " The only things in the room bigger than the tantrum must have been my wide eyes and shock-dropped, gaping mouth. Shouldn't we still help each other to raise better citizens in South Africa?

There, on Aunty's huge satin covered bed, lays satin dresses and slips and satin suspenders with glossy black nylon FF stockings, and a beautiful pair of shiny black satin Directoire knickers.'Yes', explains Aunty, 'they are all for you, but we have to make sure they're the right size and also make sure they're properly slippery; nothing worse than satin that doesn't feel the right kind of slippery, don't you agree.

Now, darling, out of those things so we can get you dressed up properly. No, I'm sure your Mummy wouldn't mind you changing in my bedroom, darling, and we are quite alone here together, just the two of us, no one to see what we do together here, is there?

I want to slide NOW."I half expected the table to crack in half and see the green other-world open up to fetch the little blighter.

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Her girl shyly nods her consent and Aunty smiles her most disarming smile and says'No? What's next.'Her flustered niece quickly unbuttons her blouse, fumbling in her haste, slips it from her shoulders and practically runs back into her Aunts open and waiting arms snuggling into her Aunts satin sheathed body.'Oh, angel. I'm just so looking forward to seeing what your new glossy black satin knickers feel like, aren't you?

'Pressing her lips once more against her lovely nieces rosebud mouth, shamelessly, Aunty wriggles her satin sheathed form into her shaking girls body time and time again as each additional piece of clothing is quickly discarded, silently shouting a cry of triumph when her nieces hands slide down briefly over her softly smooth satin skirted bottom to feel the satin layers sliding before quickly rising again to her silky satin blouse and slip. We can do what ever we'd like to in here with each other, and no one will ever know.'Aunty spots the little look in her nieces eyes. Just the tiniest hint that she could be naughty if she wanted. Do they feel nice and slippery as you wriggle inside them, my angel? So we shan't tell Mummy anything about our lovely dressing up session together, shall we? 'She sees the relief in her expression and knows she's getting closer to persuading her excited girl to undress. That's my good girl.'Aunty enfolds her blushing girl in an enveloping embrace gently slipping a satin covered stockinged leg between hers as she feels her girls fingers lightly rubbing her blouses satin into the thin satin of her slip underneath and feels fingers grip her suddenly as Aunties lips finds hers and Aunty rubs her satined leg between her girls. Knocking to Aunties front door sees Aunty lightly skipping breathlessly downstairs to admit her gorgeous girl.