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Tanya Smith sits in front of her home computer that was recently hacked. Because of the amount of viruses a hacker terrorizing the family installed, the machine is inoperable. Instead, open the organization's website in a separate browser. Updates for computer programs include “patches” that address security weaknesses. And do not click on links in emails that ask you for this personal information.

Hackers now can steal Wi-Fi passwords and also use programs remotely to take over computers.“I don't know how to make my family feel safe again, when there was someone typing on our computer saying he had been watching us for days,” she said.P Computer experts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania say there are measures to thwart hackers like the one who invaded the Smith home.The hacker told them he could see their 10-year-old daughter in her pajamas ... The girl was not even in the same room as the computer. But because the television set has Wi-Fi and a camera of its own, he was able to watch her as well, Smith said.“He was typing inappropriate things, saying, ‘now you're making me mad, I'm going to take more money out of your banking account,'” she said.The hacker hijacked the family's technology at around 11 p.m. “Somehow he was able to control everything that was connected to the Wi-Fi,” she said. He was totally in control.” The hacker stole a small amount of money from a bank account as he continued to harass Smith and her family from inside their computer.

He typed that Smith's husband looked bewildered.

“If they get a foothold in your computer, they can install these programs and basically control your computer,” he said.

Grieggs cautions that hackers can strike anywhere at any time, so it pays to be vigilant.

Smith's daughter-in-law, Jenna Mc Clafferty, witnessed the incident when it was happening. He knew that my husband and I were there.” Smith called 911. But state police from the Kittanning station – who are investigating the crime – came to her Main Street home.

Because she is good with computers, her in-laws asked her to come to the house and see what was happening for herself. “The hacker was saying all kinds of provocative things. When they walked in, the hacker typed: “You should have never called the cops.” The state troopers investigating could not be reached for comment, but Smith said they helped the family find the camera on their computer and cover it up.

“Then this person typed, ‘why do you look so surprised?

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