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Chat video loveo

I'm starting to notice that Vimeo is like Canon and needs to be more like Panasonic and give the filmmakers tools they can use. - TB Hey Tamarcus, We've actually had review pages for quite some time now, this is just the latest revision! You can deactivate notes on your review page by switching off comments in your video settings. If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes.If you upgrade to PRO or Business check it out and let us know what you think. Click the Settings button beneath the player on your regular video page and navigate to the Privacy tab. If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page.

Is there a way to post a video for review, receive comments from the client, do the revisions and replace the old video with a new version without losing the comments?Some notes may need questions/clarifications, and if that reviewers isn't notified, then it may slow down the review process.-One of the biggest problems in any review process is too many cooks in the kitchen.And an easy way to switch back to the old ' Preview' mode would be lovely. If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes.If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page. Most online video review software I have been working with has a draw-on feature. You can, however, choose the exact point in the video frame with which your time-coded note is associated.So why does a pop-up come up and talk about notes anyway, even though the video clearly says notes are disabled? It's going to be confusing and irritating to viewers who need to click through the pop-up even though they aren't allowed access that feature! Vimeo shouldn't invasively advertise a service that I've disabled. Also, as PRO members, why do we now have to disable the Vimeo logo every time for every review page. Vimeo doesn't need to interrupt and confuse that process by advertising that feature (that I can't use for most of my deliveries). Also, it's the only setting change in the "gear". My questions are: 1) Can you embed the video review player on a different page? You can't embed the video review player on a different page, since time-coded note lives in a feed on the right side of the review page, not in the video. Thanks for the sub-folder suggestion, I've made a note of that to share with our product team.

If I don't want to use notes, then don't tell my clients about notes, please! 2) Must reviewers be invited via private link, or can it be open to all? Reviewers don't need to be invited – anyone you give the private link to will be able to leave notes. We don't have versioning yet, and currently anyone you share the review page with link will be able to leave notes, so you can't revoke access.

We’ll be adding even more features to our video review pages soon to make your video workflow even smoother. At least Pro and/or Business accounts should be able to add as many Time-Coded text notes in this comment text-box underneath the videos. This shall be the beginning of a new full of possibilities platform for students and professionals! I think that an export function for notes (with frame clips from the time coded location) are totally necessary. 2- sort out the notifications on comment with a daily digest option, as multiple emails create too much clutter. You are actually allowed **unlimited** reviewers on your Vimeo review page.

I'd go for 1) PDF export with the frame grabs, 2) Excel export, and 3) XML or other export list which can be imported into Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere as markers. I love Vimeo and the content from filmmakers, but you guys should of had this review service 4 years ago. 3- The export panel in Adobe Premiere doesn't allow to choose our own preferences (for low res for example). Anyone who you share your review page link with will be able to leave time-coded notes.

So if you're already using Wipster Vimeo, you can continue to do so, or you can learn more here: Now that Wipster's prices have skyrocketed to absurd levels, hopefully Vimeo will step in to offer similar functionality with adobe marker integration affordably (like @digicineman , timecode integration is the key really, otherwise it is too time consuming to use. This is great as an additional tool to your already awesome service, greatly appreciated. Would definitely pay extra if Vimeo offered this feature and did it better.

And this is definitely just the beginning for Vimeo's video review pages, so expect more updates :) What particular features would be most helpful for you? review pages without the ability to click notes all over the place... Are there plans to integrate and add a plugin for editing software, similar to Wipster? Hey @goldenrealm and @folikela: thanks for your thoughts — we've definitely noted the integration request, and I've passed this feedback along to the right people on product here. Nevertheless, all these first comments are mentioning something we all are sensible about.

Will all of the work in progress be seen to me the organizer with the public content? I'm not 100% sure what you mean by your first question, but if you upload a video to Vimeo that you intend to only share for review, you can set that video to any privacy setting to hide it from the public while still being able to share your private review page link with others.