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Even in the video, in this short space of time, I can see her reacting to her mother, trying to communicate. "I've another one on the way this month, I don't know whether it is a boy or a child. I remember with my daughter Rachel, the first time I heard her speak was on the phone. I think that might make for a different kind of relationship with grandchildren, and I think it might take the gloss off it. My grandchildren come into the garden and eat all the carrots and the beans and they think this is the most natural thing in the world, to have all this fresh food about. " Celia Holman Lee is a model, fashion stylist and TV personality, and founder of the Holman-Lee Model Agency. "We're very hands-on, or at least I like I think we are, and we love to take the four of them out to dinner."A grandparent's bond with grandchildren is so special that I think nothing should be done to change that or put a strain on it. Her grandchildren are Tommy, 2, Ryan, 4, Erika, 5, and Henry, 7. ' "My husband answered, 'The Messiah.' "We all laughed, but it's so true. For an early dinner if their parents have no other plans for them. I'm picking them up from summer camp this week and they'll stay over. We have all sorts of stuff here, a swing, a climbing frame, horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, three dogs, a cat and kittens, so it's a bit of a paradise for them. Back, up to my house.' "We live so close, my grandson Adam would come down for stories and he'd roll about the carpet laughing, and I love telling stories.

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"The best part about being a grandmother is getting the chance to 'be a mother again' without having to 'be a mother again'. I'm so proud of her, as are her other adoring grandparents from Leitrim. There's such a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, and the conversations you have with them are such a lovely part of any day.

Another thing that I'm hugely into is supporting all their activities.

These days they seem to have so many more than we ever had.

"I have seven grandchildren at the moment, and another is on the way.

My daughter Michelle has Jake, 13, Luke, 11, and Maggie, 6. My son George has George IV, 6, and Ava, 4, and there is another one due. "My daughter Alison is in London and has Emily, 4, and Grace, 1.

“Thirty-second rule in effect,” my grandmother said, returning the ham to the kitchen.

There was the sound of water running, and moments later, my grandmother reappeared with the ham on a plate. I'll have to get to 92 if I am to see Grace get to university."I'll have to hang around a while to see George IV go to Presentation College in Cork, the school I went to.I really only get to know my grandchildren when they're up and standing on their two feet. "I don't know if I ever cradled my own children; that's so far back. My grandchildren are somebody else's, so you would be even more afraid again."I worry a little that I may be a little bit closer to the boys.Also how it evokes memories for me of my own babies, some of which had faded. The worst…well it's hard to have a normal conversation with my daughters anymore, let alone finish a sentence without some sort of interruption. For this moment, I am happy as Larry with my wonderful six grandchildren, Jennifer, Luke, Sarah, Sam, James and Scott O'Rourke. Darina Allen is founder of the celebrated Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shanagarry, Co Cork, and one of our best-known chefs.