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The AMS measurement is done on graphite produced by hydrogen reduction of the CO2 sample over a cobalt catalyst.

The AMS result is corrected for total fractionation using machine graphite d13C.There can be considerable advantages to using the AMS technique in many dating applications, making it possible to extend radiocarbon dating into many new areas of research.AMS also permits applications in important situations that cannot be dated by the radiometric dating technique.The analytical result (“BP” or “p MC”) ​i​s obtained by measuring sample C14/C13 relative to the C14/C13 in Oxalic Acid II (NIST-4990C) in one of Beta Analytic’s multiple in-house particle accelerators using SNICS ion source.Quality assurance samples ​a​re measured along with the unknowns and reported separately in a “QA report“.Water and carbonates are acidified in a gas bench to produce CO2.

Both the EA and the gas bench are connected directly to an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS).These additional materials undergo the same chemical pretreatments and graphite syntheses as do the client’s samples.This is indispensable for precision radiocarbon dating.When your samples are received, we quote an expected terminal delivery date in a correspondence letting you know the samples arrived safely.Beta Analytic begins the chemical treatments immediately.Sample size supposed to be recommended for analysis.

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