Backdating unemployment

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Backdating unemployment

You may be scheduled to attend a meeting at a Work Source Oregon center.If you do not go, your benefits will be delayed while we investigate.

Usually, the claim will be backdated no further than the Sunday of the week you filed.

You can file online using the Online Claims System at: or call the UI Center and file with a claims specialist.

Do not delay in filing your initial claim application.

We will make a decision based on information from you, your employer or other sources.

If the decision allows benefits and you meet all eligibility conditions, we pay any benefits you have coming.

Any time we deny benefits, we send you a decision explaining why we denied benefits, for what time period, how to requalify, and how to appeal if you disagree.

If there are no problems on your claim, you can expect your weekly claim filed on Sunday or Monday to be processed on Monday night.I called in and told my boss I couldn’t go in because I was vomiting and was told that’s fine.The next day I went in still sick but I tried to just work through it and couldn’t. If you submit your weekly claim on Sunday or Monday of the week, payment will be issued on Tuesday.Electronic payments issued on Tuesday normally arrive in claimant accounts on Wednesday.Depending on the reason you didn’t go, your benefits could be denied.

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