Aryan dating service

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Aryan dating service

That line of evidence strongly suggests that South Asian populations are deeply rooted in the subcontinent.

He notes that archaeology does not tie any Indus Valley civilisation site to Central Asia, and the Vedas themselves seem ignorant of geography outside of South Asia.

The reason R1a1a is not diverse is that it underwent a massive, recent expansion; not much time has elapsed for mutations to accumulate.

With whole genome analysis, one can see that East European R1a1a is one lineage, while Central Asian and South Asian R1a1a strains form another.

Whereas then researchers looked at a few hundred markers on the Y chromosome, or perhaps some regions with very high diversity, today they can sequence most of the Y chromosome.

In line with Wells' original suspicion, after looking at whole genomes, many scholars now surmise that R1a1a entered South Asia within the last 4,000-5,000 years from the Eurasian steppe.

In recent months, a scientific paper published in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology has sparked a heated controversy in the Indian media by outlining an 'Indo-European expansion, with an ultimate source in the Pontic-Caspian region' into the Indian subcontinent.

Behind the gently arcane scholarly language, the paper argues that the genetic ancestry of all modern Indians displays evidence of significant mixing with populations that moved to the subcontinent from northern Iran and the Caspian region some 4,000-5,000 years ago.

The BMC paper that has drawn so much interest and ire is just the latest in a line of research that goes back decades, and grows more precise and insightful with every new technological advance.

By looking at patterns of genetic markers in modern humans, geneticists have been able to sketch the family tree of our species.

Ten years ago, one could reasonably support Sanyal's suppositions from a genetic perspective.

The exploration of mitochondrial lineages, the direct maternal ancestry out of Africa, remained the dominant method of inference.

Researchers are also testing genetic material from remains tens of thousands of years old.

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