Are emily browning and max irons still dating

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Are emily browning and max irons still dating - Sex dating download web

'At the end of a really, really, really horrible workout, the only thing I want to do is have a smoke,'he laughs.

In fact, he tells me, the dyslexia was the bigger factor in his career choice.Max and his girlfriend Sophie are not shy at all to make the public appearances together.The couple, who is busy in their respective professions split their time between New York and London.He recently 'found' himself talking to Disney about , a similarly racy reboot of the Snow White tale.'I was thinking, if I get this, they would probably pay a bit, there would be a lot of exposure - but I could pretty much bank on not having the kind of career I want.'He talks admiringly of Andrew Garfield and Tom Hardy, two young British actors who have made interesting career choices, and speaks of his love for Pinter and Stoppard: 'I want to have a career that lasts 60 years, not six.' He has a wariness of Hollywood and laughs at the ridiculous diets and the punishing vanity.After training at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and appearing in a couple of plays on the London fringe, he is about to appear as a drug-addicted pornographer in the Sky mini-series At any rate, this version has a sexuality that's precision-tooled to set young female audiences'hormones raging, with Amanda Seyfried as the hooded heroine and Irons as her rich suitor.

Clearly, there's an invitation to follow the Robert Pattinson route to teen idol (Hardwicke describes Max by saying, 'He's 6ft 3in, drop-dead gorgeous, and has this crazy magnetism'), but Max is wary of being typecast as a heart-throb.

" and they said,"It's practically a qualification." ' I ask him if he's scared of not being taken seriously. I know I have to combat the fact that my parents are actors at least for the next ten years. 'When you've got parents who've done what you want to do, as much as they're proud of you, they can't be as amazed by it, because they've done it themselves.

He’s 6ft 2, has hallowed cheekbones and is terribly handsome. He’s modelled for Burberry and Mango and looks very good in a suit. “I was balancing a big stick with Brad Pitt’s head on it for a late-night MTV show the other week,” he says.

'The teacher would come along and say, ''Are you finding it all right?

" and I would say, ''Yeah, it's brilliant, I'm loving it, easy," and that was a bit of acting in itself.

I had been warned that Irons - 25-year-old model, actor and son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack - would be rather shy, but, on the contrary, he's wholly self-assured.

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