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When he finds himself in situations that could be hard for him to handle, he prefers to find the easy way out instead of asking for help. However, since he's acquired a new step-family, he's changed a little, and is shown to be more accepting, as well as listen more often.Although Derek often gets what he wants at home and at school, he never does what he is supposed to. He also began to try harder in school and ended up getting into Queen's University, along with his step-sister Casey.

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He initially broke into showbusiness by appearing in blaxploitation films, and went on to play such iconic characters as schoolteacher Mr Ryan in 1989's Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure and Commander Harris in 1992 Steven Seagal vehicle Under Siege.However, he now goes easier with her as time goes by.Derek often treats Edwin like his slave, and makes him do everything he doesn't want to — which is a lot of things.(De-Derek D-Dana) De-sup D-hi De-may I sit by you D-I don't own the beach De-ok so is that a yes or no D-you can sit by me if you want so yes if you want De-cool so um people say that you used to go to the same school as I did D-I did De-I don't reme(gets cut of) D-that's because you never noticed I was quiet and shy and your typical girls were cheerleaders I was a normal teenage girl and I was a tutor and a A student until De-until what? Edwin Venturi (brother) Marti Venturi (sister) Abby (mother) George Venturi (father) Nora Mc Donald (step-mother) Casey Mc Donald (step-sister) Lizzie Mc Donald (step sister) Simon Mc Donald-Venturi (half-brother) Derek is a rebel; he doesn't listen to what most people say, and doesn't care, either.Derek and Casey don't get along (although it doesn't mean they hate each other).

Derek enjoys competing, pranking and being an irritant to Casey, whereas Casey doesn't do any of those things.

When it comes to girls, Derek is also known as a womanizer.

He doesn't care much for girls, or their feelings, instead preferring to date the pretty girls and then break up with them.

D-ya there's a huge welcome party my bands playing C-you look familiar D-I used to go to your old school C-Really I don't D-remember me yah yah does your best friend go to this college too?

C-you mean Emily Davis ya she's in Room 325 right by us D-cool that the room where one my best friends Jody is C-cool D-is Derek in this school as well C-ya why D-no reason see you later C-sure by Dana's POV Thank god I'm out of there I go to we're the party's supposed to be and help out and texture band mates to come practice we practice for about 2 hours then get ready I were black eyeshadow to make my eyes pop and some red lipstick and sine I'm pale who cares I got my black tank top on with my golden chain necklace on and some black skinny jeans black leather boots and my leather jacket I walk out to bump into Derek Venturi I fall he helps me and asks me if I'm okay I say ya and walk away ha love at first sight my ass its just a big fat lie like true love and soul mates and all that bullshit I go to the stage and wait to be introduced Welcome too Saints and Devils College Everybody are you ready to rock Introducing the FALLEN ANGELS Crowds cheers Lyrics better than revenge by Taylor swift Every time Britney Spears Just tonight the pretty reckless Rock n roll Avril lavigne Never growing up Avril lavigne Derek's POV She is amazing I tell my friends they say she rules this school and that you used to go to the same was as I dead and that surprised me and I know she's rooming with Casey and she hot like I mean sexy after she was done everybody went to the beach to party and I saw her on the beach seating down toes in the water in shorts and a sweater no make up hair done on her right shoulder she changes fast I walk over to her and say.....

He also begins to show more compassionate feelings for Casey, but is still a bit conniving at times.

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