Anime speed dating

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He makes sure to give everyone a comforting speech at the end, about how it’s ok if they didn’t get the phone numbers they wanted.

These geeks are really serious about their passions, so if you want to stand a chance at one of these things, you’d better have some geeky knowledge.The host proceeded to tell a few “jokes” that made me wish I could pull the ol’ boobs-in-face-back-stretch secret code on Finally, the moment of truth. No love at first sight, but also no immediate evidence of serial killing tendencies. We were given the lowdown on the process – 3 minutes, no names, guys rotate, and keep track of the numbers of the dates we liked on our cards. Let me just say: the guys were, on the whole, quite lovely to talk to.Comic Con draws a pleasantly diverse group in age, race, and background.No love connection for me, but a few of the guys wrote their contact info on my sheet. Leave your dating event war stories in the comments and we’ll all feel less alone.I’m terrible at taking notes though, so I don’t remember who any of them were. Still, meeting 30 single dudes isn’t a bad way to spend two hours. The only excruciating part came at the end, when our host held us hostage and made us listen to his celebrity impressions.

It’s hard out there for a geek, especially when it comes to finding a date, but thanks to events like Sci-Fi Speed Dating, comic-book and video game enthusiasts actually have a chance of finding a special someone who shares their interests.-Posted by Sage Comic Con Speed Dating is a thing that happens.As soon as I received the email notification about it, I knew I had to go.No one was cripplingly shy or scary or inappropriate.I just have a few pieces of constructive criticism: If you want to date a geek girl, you should probably get used to hearing about this guy.In an interview with Neredsbourgh’s Erin Wolf, back in June of 2012, Ryan “Geek Dr.