Amir khan dating

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But, with his companion showing a huge smile and holding a red rose, it does seem possible that the British Asian boxer is now moving onto the next chapter of his life after his marriage.

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Amir Khan has fuelled rumours that he is dating a catwalk model after sending her a happy birthday message on Instagram.

Amir’s wife Faryal has now tweeted: ‘After all these years. He’s given me jack shit — I pay house bills and bills for my daughter myself! The couple, who married in 2013, have a daughter Lamaisah together.

’ Joshua, 27, has been in an on-off relationship with Nicole Osbourne, with whom the boxer has a son, Joseph, although it is unclear if they are still together. The boxer’s family had disapproved of the marriage due to Faryal’s Western sense of dressing.

Sharing a message to Alyzeh Gabol on Instagram to wish her a happy birthday, Amir Khan – who is currently in Alyzeh’s homeland of Pakistan – uploaded a saucy video of the model pouting for the camera and flirtatiously playing with her hair.

Rumours surrounding Amir’s relationship with Alyzeh sparked after he called her "cute" on one of her social media posts.

Supposedly texting her after breaking up with his wife, he allegedly blamed the split on Faryal’s ‘obsession’ with cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, Faryal showed the first sighting of her baby bump at the Asian Media Awards 2017.While they waited for a taxi, Amir holds a Louis Vuitton bag under his arm as she clutches the rose.Some have even commented on how the brunette, believed to be Bella Gusamo, looks strikingly similar to Amir’s estranged wife, Faryal.Reports claim the two enjoyed a night out together, prompting speculation that they went on a date. However, his companion donned a low V-neck top with denim shorts.In some of the images, Amir’s companion even holds a red rose. With thigh high boots and a camouflage jacket, the woman showed off her stunning figure.The boxer previously accused Faryal of sleeping with fellow boxer Anthony Joshua in a series of bizarre tweets, which he later apologised for.