American women dating ghanaian men

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American women dating ghanaian men - jewish son dating catholic

This is why I almost think I’ve misheard when the man turns to the woman — still seated in his plastic white chair — and asks the question every girl dreams of hearing (although usually not at a fast food join), “Will you marry me?” Chicken grease dribbles down my chin, but I don’t bother to wipe it. You can imagine my disappointment when the girl presses her hands to her mouth to suppress a small chuckle, shakes her head no, and continues chomping on her Big Mac. The string quarter that stealthily appears next to the table?

Not only would marrying a westerner give a local the opportunity to become more financially stable, but also the ability to pursue career talents not possible in Ghana.

Again, these traditions still occur, but less so as Ghana becomes more modernized — especially in the capital of Accra.

There’s more to marriage proposals in Ghana than just what’s been stated above.

After about a week or two in which the bride’s family researches the potential groom, the father will send his reply.

From there, the groom’s parents will send the bride’s parents a pot of palm wine to thank them if there has been consent. If a man wants to marry a woman, he’ll start giving her gifts — for instance, money, handkerchiefs and towels.

Fried chicken shops and overpriced pizza joints interspersed between fine dining restaurants and smoothie stores.

A group of teenagers laughs loudly, pointing at something in the crowd.During my time in Ghana I had made a few local male friends — like Michael — who I had become close with and who knew the boundaries of the friendship. He started coming over to my house more, not just for our morning runs but dropping by during the day and even sometimes after dark.I would make excuses that I wasn’t feeling well, and eventually started running at odd times to avoid him.I’ve settled on an ultra greasy slab of chicken with a side of French fries; not quite my healthiest meal but it’s cheap and filling, especially compared to the fufu and rice water I’ve been living on for the past month.Suddenly, amongst the chaos, my ears pick up on something strange.I can’t help thinking to myself that, unlike American men (and women) who propose maybe one to three times in their lives, Ghanaians must propose dozens.

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