Amavisd updating

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I mean - to see and maybe configure how Amavis or SA adds the bayesian contribution...I was also wondering if I'm missing something in the system, such as a package not installed.

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If it may be working just fine, is there a way to increase its verbosity?

Now for the curious bit: I cannot see any traces of the bayes filter actually working on the e-mail passing through.

Amavis does work, I can see its actions in /var/log/amavis.log, sometimes it catches a SPAM based on its heuristic rules.

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You will experience the following symptoms if Clam AV fails to correctly download a virus update: The definitions are corrupt if in /var/log/zimbra.log: Note: The WARNING: Your Clam AV installation is OUTDATED!

error may also appear, but this is not indicative of a corrupt clamd database.Dear polite people in this forum, I've recently migrated to a new mailserver.As the hardware "age gap" was too large, it would be difficult to simply upgrade from Debian Squeeze to Jessie at the same time (and it would possibly not solve my problem either). The one thing that I seem to be struggling with is the bayesian database operated by Spamassassin - as enslaved by amavisd-new.The spamassassin source code wasn't much help either. https://org/perlsec.html#Taint-mode And it's a security measure, so that your casual "evals with a printf inside" are not easily hijacked for "code injection". But after a bit of Googling, after I narrowed down the query, I got this: Power Tools-1.012/bin/printf And several other pointers to an "Insecure dependency in eval while running setuid" Same thing? Now where the hell does that -T switch get into play. I already knew that Amavis was really a Perl script. Follow the next Wiki to install and configure ELK, for monitoring all Zimbra Logs in your infrastructure.

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