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This belief was generally held throughout the historical Christian church, and is still held by evangelical and fundamentalist Christians today.Throughout the history of the Christian church, it has been generally held that the Bible – both the Old Testament and the New Testament – were divinely inspired.

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Accommodation is the cognitive process of revising existing cognitive schemas, perceptions, and understanding so that new information can be incorporated.It has a long history reaching back into antiquity in Jewish biblical interpretation.It was taken up and developed by Christian theologians like Origen and Augustine, which ensured its continuance into the work of medieval biblical exegetes.but rather whether they explain his appreciation and use of divine accommodation.Both groups acknowledge Calvin's indebtedness to the Church Fathers from whom he appropriated the motif, or cluster of motifs, of divine accommodation.Many Christians, especially those from a Reformed background, see in the person and work of Christ not only the supreme form of accommodation, but the centre and reason for it as well.

By becoming human, Jesus Christ accommodates himself to the human condition.

Traditional Christianity, as expressed in the historic creeds, proclaims the Trinity as being part of the orthodox Christian faith.

The divinity of Christ, who is believed to be fully man and yet fully God, shows how the Godhead has accommodated itself to human minds and experience.

Therefore, any human translation of the original language will automatically not be considered God's inspired word – which naturally includes the 5th century Latin Vulgate, as well as today's more contemporary translations.

Yet accommodation allows for the belief that despite this natural linguistic barrier, God still has the power to use such translations in order to reveal his nature to people.

The principle of accommodation allows for both the ability of the Bible to communicate objective spiritual truths about the nature of God, as well as the ability of the human authors to act as God's means by which this is to be communicated to humanity.

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