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He will be 94 when we fight the upcoming elections. Peta: The situation in Zimbabwe cannot, surely, get any more worse than it is, and it represents fertile ground for any opposition to flourish and thrive, yet the opposition in Zimbabwe is timid and almost dormant, with no protest actions whatsoever.

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Zimbabweans are reluctant to create something that results in instability as people know that they will be victims and will create a worse situation from the current ruins into which we are enmeshed.

Tsvangirai: One should not prejudge Zimbabweans as docile. My role is to lead Zimbabweans into achieving democratic change through peaceful means and not through violence.

We stand for democracy and not violence Peta: You have won elections before and you have not been allowed to take power, as was the case in 2008 when you were declared winner in the first round of presidential elections before Zanu-PF-inspired violence left hundreds of your supporters dead, forcing you to withdraw from a scheduled run-off poll. Peta: Was it a mistake for you to have gone into the GNU (government of national unity) after the 2008 debacle? Yes, there were many outstanding issues that were not resolved in the GNU but that was because of Zanu-PF intransigence Given the state of the economy and the suffering of the people, we put the country first ahead of our personal interests. Peta: But it is like a cycle that you fight elections, win them, fail to gain power and then embark on visits to regional leaders, seeking their help to rein in Mugabe.

Tsvangirai: The people I lead need to know the truth about my state of health.

I could not, therefore, keep quiet over such a serious development.

The Tsvangirai of 2008 is different from the Tsvangirai of 2018. Tsvangirai: We will win the elections, and there will be transfer of power. Peta: You have repeatedly complained about the administration of elections in Zimbabwe.

We went through the inclusive government and 85% of Zimbabweans appreciated our role in improving their dire suffering Circumstances have changed Peta: What circumstances have changed? The gun can no longer control the politics of the country. The will of the people cannot be resisted or trampled upon any further Peta: Aren’t you being naive, Mr Tsvangirai? You surely should have used your time in the GNU to try to improve the electoral environment, yet you seem to have been distracted by the trappings of office and lost focus?Independent Foreign Service’s Basildon Peta caught up with Morgan Tsvangirai in Harare before his recent whisking off to South Africa for medical help over a condition his party says is not related to his cancer, and quizzed him about his resurgent confidence that he will now achieve what he has failed to attain in nearly 20 years. Tsvangirai: Well, I was diagnosed last year with colon cancer and made that public. I am happy that the medical staff who attended to me were professional you can’t look at me and say it has had a debilitating effect.I have gone through operations to remove the affected part and have gone through chemotherapy. Cancer is cancer, and if not taken care of it may mutate.I needed to prepare the nation as to my state of health.Peta: Are you thus ready to take on Mugabe and his ruthless Zanu-PF juggernaut in next year’s elections while you are slowed by poor health? If I feel I am no longer able to do it, I will take a position. I have just undertaken a month-and-a-half tour of the country to set the agenda for elections and agenda for alliance building. Peta: But surely you are sitting in your “Last Chance Saloon”?We have started focusing early on electrical reforms and not wait and cry foul at the end. The only challenge in the SADC is that the countries we look forward to set democratic standards are themselves in crisis Peta: What is the state of your party?