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Adaptation of high throughput methods for DNA methylation analysis in malignant and nonmalignant human tissues. Comet assay revealed different genotoxic potential of the extracts as well as different susceptibility of the donors. Development of Complex Biomarkers for the Evaluation of Clinical Significance of Prostate Cancer.

Tunaitienė, RESEARCH INTERESTS Research interests of botanists and mycologists: Investigation of fungi, algae, lichen and plant biodiversity Research of algae biotechnological use Research of composition, structure and dynamics of lichen and plant populations Studies of structure and interactions of fungal, lichen and plant communities Studies of historical fungal, algae, lichen and plant collections, maintained in the Herbarium of Vilnius University Research of ornamental plant biology Research interests of geneticists Search and application of the most effective biomarkers for genetic monitoring of human, animal and plant populations Investigations of mutagenic and aneugenic effects of chemical compounds and physical factors in human cells Analysis of epigenetic changes in human malignancies Studies of genome rearrangements in plant hybrids Studies of DNA polymorphism in plant populations Plant developmental and population genetics; Research of environmental factors affecting plant growth, development and genome stability RESEARCH PROJECTS CARRIED OUT IN 2013 Projects Supported by University Budget The Structure, Interactions, Functioning and Conservation of Vegetation, Algobiota and Mycobiota in Ecosystems of Lithuania . Genotyping and assessment of genetic relationships among cultivars, genetic lines and species of , vol. National Research Projects Research Council of Lithuania. However, more than 40 percent of all prostatectomies are done for patients with minor malignancy and, perhaps, without evident clinical need. Prostate tumours are characterized by high heterogeneity: after the diagnosis of disease, some patients die within 2–3 years, while others survive 10–20 years. Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging stuines of functionally different human heart tissues. Sužiedėlis (part-time), Senior research fellow: Dr. RESEARCH AREAS Genomics, Biomolecules and Biotechnologies: Fundamental and Applied Research Territorial Differentiation of Lithuanian Landscape Structure in Terms of Environment Protection and Planning Concepts. Methodology of development of cartographic information system for evaluation of risk of extreme events.

Ecosystems and Climate Changes, Preservation of Environment and Use of Natural Resources Investigation of Nervous System and Behaviour DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS MAINTAINED IN 2013 V. Integral systemic analysis of biomedical and ecological data on native Lithuanian vascular medicinal plant speies. RCL Breakthrough Ideas Program: Suicide Catalysis-based Universal Antiviral Compounds (SKun AVIR) (2012–2013). RCL Global Grant Program: Change or Die: reconstruction of oxidoreductases (CHORD) (2013–2015). Other projects Lithuanian Agency for Sciences, Innovation and Technology project 3400-P170: Nanoelectroporation of Living Cells (BIO naopore). MAIN R&D&I (RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION) PARTNERS Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania) Nature Research Center (Lithuania) Jouy-en-Josas Research Centre, Paris University of Pierre and Marie Currie (France) University of Latvia, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia) Oslo University (Norway) Linkoeping University, Lund University, Karolinska Institute (Sweden) University of Haifa (Israel) OTHER SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES Assoc. R., Mierauskienė, J., Morkūnas, V., Kazernavičiūtė, R., Pukalskas, A., Venskutonis, P. Evaluation of biological activity of naturally occurring 5,8-dihydroxycoumarin. Stuopelytė, K., Daniūnaitė, K., Laurinavičienė, A., Ostapenko, V., Jarmalaitė, S., 2013. Main publications: Kutorga, E., Iršėnaitė, R., Iznova, T., Kasparavičius, J., Markovskaja, S., Motiejūnaitė, J., 2013.

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