100 send e mail dating

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100 send e mail dating

Another is to go the opposite way, that is, label all monies involved as “gifts” (see section above about gifting clubs). Let Bill Nelson tell you how I have run one of these promotion letters — four times in the past year.

If we accept that a true chain letter must contain within its text an explicit instruction to the reader to make copies of the mailing and put them into the hands of a specified number of new recipients, that 1888 date is a defensible notch on the timeline of history to point to as the moment of origin.

If all goes according to plan, their small investment will reap them a fortune once their names percolate to the top of the list.

(Pyramid schemes exist in many forms and go by many names.

If, however, we’re willing to settle for an implied instruction to pass the item to others for their benefit, protection, or well-being, certain written communications dating to the Middle Ages could fairly be considered the first of this sort.

In them, their writers set down what they believed to be useful cures, on the understanding that such missives were to be recopied by those who received them then distributed to those people’s loved ones, who in turn would themselves recopy these wisdoms to hand to their nearest and dearest.

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However, no matter what technology or plausible-sounding subterfuge (e.g.; sale of credit reports or mailing lists) is used, if at any point anything passes by surface mail, the entire maneuver becomes illegal. It this letter is continued as it should be, everyone profits!

Says the USPS: Recently, high-tech chain letters have begun surfacing. Yes, and don’t worry about financing or paying money back.

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